We love what we do and it shows in every aspect of our candidate service…

We take time to understand our candidate’s interests, aspirations and motivations to ensure we connect the right clients and opportunities with you. Our goal is to be true advisers to our candidates during all phases of the process. We strive always to exceed candidate expectations by providing a smooth and thorough process, which includes five main phases:

  1. Market research and understanding your market value
  2. CV & social media reviews
  3. Support with your search
  4. Interview and assessment support
  5. Onboarding and your first 12 months
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Leadership assessment
and profiling

As qualified i3 assessor’s, we are able to support you further in your candidate assessments as the i3 leadership report is a valuable tool which provides another aspect by which to view and match the potential candidates applying for a role. From completing our online i3 assessment a feedback report is generated which gives clients an insight into the instinctive and natural strengths and behaviours of potential candidates prior to second interview and appointment.

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Market Reports

How does your employer offering compare against others in your sector and more widely?

Whether you are looking to recruit or are going through a company pay review we can offer salary and pay benchmarking advice which will help you understand the current market rate/trends and assure you that your pay levels are at an appropriate market position.

The quality and variety of benefits provided is an expression of your brand values, impacting your company’s ability to attract the best leaders and to achieve a high level of employee engagement.

As specialists in senior-level search, we can provide insights on professional expectations, pay structures and benefits.